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Tree Pruning And Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming services are two similar services but still different services.
Tree pruning should be performed while the tree is still young, so that all the cuts being made will be able to influence the growth of the tree. A proper pruning should help trees growing strong and healthy and also growing in the desired shape. To help developing a strong structure, the weak, unhealthy branches and also different branches in strategic places, should be cut. For the raising of the crown, the lower branches of the tree should be removed.
Branches can be removed in certain places to give the tree a specific, pleasing form or to thin the crown of the tree.
If the trees are pruned in a proper manner, they will require less maintenance when mature.
Tree trimming on the other hand, is being performed on grown up trees. The process also involves the removal of branches but either to reduce the crown of a tree, thin it, or remove unhealthy branches. The process will not be able to influence the growth of the tree. It can help improving its health and giving it a better shape.

Our Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

At AAA Alex Tree Service, tree pruning and trimming services are undertaken at the highest level and carried out by a qualified arborists. It is important to make sure your tree is pruned at a young age and make strategic cuts in order to get the tree to grow in the direction and fashion that you want it to, and we have the qualified staff that can do that.

Moreover, our specialists can advise you when to perform pruning or trimming to have the most positive impact on the trees. Trees should be trimmed about once annually or more than once, as necessary for a few tree species. Trees do not control where they grow but we can.

If your tree is damaging your roof, hitting power lines, or growing into areas you do not want them to, or you want to receive the desired growth effect for your tree, then do not postpone and give us a call today on 0452 58 52 58 to set up an appointment for tree pruning or tree trimming services.

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