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Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing the trees and brushes, or other mostly wooded vegetation, from a particular extent of space. There are many reasons why an area needs to be cleared of its vegetation, and that includes new developments, residential or commercial buildings, railways, highways or any other transportation facilities, expanding your house or the construction of a new structure on your property.

Whatever the reason, land clearing is not an easy job that needs knowledge, training and special equipment to be performed properly. It is important to have this first stage of your project, which is clearing the land and get it ready for your development, thoroughly prepared. That is so you wouldn’t spend a lot more having to rectify it when you are in a more advanced stage in your development.

Professional Land Clearing

AAA Alex Tree Service handles all jobs regardless of size – residential or commercial. If your site needs to be cleared of trees, brush, logs, rocks and/or general debris, we have the necessary equipment and staff to handle any sized project. That means you can rely on us for any project you have in mind that involves land clearing, and be assured there will be no down time for any of your big jobs.

Our clean-up is thorough, and we completely remove all wood and brush, leaving no mess behind. We are also fully insured and licensed, and adhere to all regulatory requirements.
Furthermore, our team employs safety measures for our staff and any other individuals present on and around the site, while making sure no damage will be inflicted on any neighbouring structure.

Whether you choose to leave certain select trees in place, or have the whole lot completely cleaned, we’ll perform the work to your specifications. Feel free to give us a call us on 0452 58 52 58 for a free estimate even if there are existing structures on the property needing to go.

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