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Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping Services

Soft landscaping refers to the process of scheming elements and aspects of a landscape that do not require any construction. Those aspects and elements generally include flowers, trees, shrubs or potted plants. Changing, adding or improving the soft elements of a landscape is a really effective and relatively easy way of significantly changing the look of your garden without the hassle of constructions.

Some elements of your garden, like flowers and plants can easily and often be changed, according to the season or on a yearly basis. You can have flowers to suit each season or combine them in great size and colour combinations to bring a new dimension to your garden. The only limitation for this soft elements of your landscape is the soil of your garden and what types of flowers it will be able to support.

Other elements of the soft landscaping services though, require a more long term planning. Elements such as shrubs and trees can take years to mature and have the visual impact you desired to in your original plans. Some species of trees might even take years to reach their mature heights. For these kind of soft elements, some long term planning is required, taking into consideration how their development will impact other plants in their immediate vicinity.

High Quality Soft Landscaping

AAA Alex Tree Service specialise in practical soft landscaping projects around homes and properties. Whether that is a fresh flowerbed, turf laying, pruning hedges, edge trimming or any garden maintenance you would like to do we can make your vision a reality.

We have a great range of equipment and, an experienced and enthusiastic team that has the ability to create a range of features around your home. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to efficiently transform your garden and giving it a colourful new look.
Time is precious, and gardening can be hard work – so why not call in some help? Give us a call on 0452 585 258 to discuss what we can do for your garden.

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