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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal is the service that comes to help when you are in urgent need of a tree service, when time and efficiency are crucial. As a result of the changing climate, storms gained in frequency and severity over the last few years, and continue the same trend. In consequence, trees are being subjected to increased high winds and heavy rains. That will weaken the trees and lead to lost branches, limbs or even a complete failure of the tree. The broken limbs and sections of the tree, or a falling tree, can be very dangerous and can severely damage your property or structures on your property.

A suitable tree maintenance will help prevent any risks posed by your trees to your property and goods, under the pressure of severe weather. If you noticed or think your tree might be weakened, you should not delay in asking the help of professionals, which will remove the tree or the weakened sections of the tree and saving you worries and future expenses.

In case a tree or broken limbs have fallen already, again you should seek emergency tree removal services to avoid further damage to your property. Why call experienced arborists after the tree has fallen? Because even more damage can be inflicted if you try to remove the fallen tree and lack the equipment to safely carry out the task.

Professional Emergency Tree Removal Service

AAA Alex Tree Service provides emergency tree removal services for storm-damaged or hazardous trees that have failed resulting in damage to your property. We can also help with and recommend an emergency storm damage prevention via preventative trimming and selective tree removal.

Whenever you feel that a tree has become a hazard to yourself, your family, or community, simply call us on 0452 58 52 58. We are available 24/7 for emergency services and with our certified professionals you will receive a fast response time and effective service.

We’ll evaluate the problem on site and determine the safest and most efficient method of removing the tree and/or branches and ensure that all the options remain within your budget!

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